Children from nearby village are getting education from a school provided by GAWPL. The salary of the teacher is also being paid by GAWPL. The books were provided to students.

In continue to engage with local stakeholder’s company renovate two school building and constructed two new school rooms. For better infrastructure facilities of education company renovation and construction work include.

Renovation and construction work

Renovation and construction work include construction of rooms, supply and installation of windows and door, repairing of plinth protection, complete inside and outside paint work.

School stationery and furniture

School stationery and furniture include, stationary, books, geometry box and school bags, benches for students, table and chair for teacher, sign board, double door shelf.

Children playing facilities

For children Recreation activities company installed four sets of  arch sewing, sea saw and sliding.

School Solar system

Company installed solar system for five solar system kit for four schools. Solar system kit includes, 01 Set of Solar including PVC Duct wiring (01 Solar Panel 170W,01 Dry Battery 100mah Daewoo Brand,01 Charge Controller,03 DC Saver 12w, 01 DC Fan 12w, 01 Battery Stand).

Financial assist

Also, Financial assist provides to following four local villages school teachers for improvement of primary education.

  1. Wali Muhammad Jakhro.
  2. Muhammad Ali Chang.
  3. Kareeem Bux Khaskhale.
  4. Moheb Chang.